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Ozzie Smith Center (OSC) puts patients first. Your experience with us during your health journey is just as important as ensuring your results.

You will find our team to be highly capable, knowledgeable, supportive, and genuinely interested in getting to know you.

Dr. Jason Brame, the owner of OSC, places a high priority on employee happiness as well. The team likes to work hard and play hard, and their passion for the work they do shows with every interaction. Come see for yourself — drop by any time and meet the home team!

Jason Brame, D.C


Nicole Farley


Taylor Oakley


Cat Simonson


Monet Henderson


Cody Phelps


Maddisson Haslett


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Michelle Flanagan


History of OSC

When Ozzie Smith came to our original location for treatment, it opened the door for a partnership that is still in place today.

OSC started as a small-town chiropractic office in Paducah Kentucky called Lone Oak Chiropractic. Dr. Jason Brame joined his business partner in late 2008, and became a partial owner in 2010.  At the time, they would see about 300 people a day at Lone Oak Chiropractic. The practice was focused on making chiropractic adjustments, with no rehabilitation options. As time went on, they noticed a need for physical therapy due to many patients having bad knees or shoulders, as well as post-operative rehabilitation needs. In 2011, they added a full-time team, which included a licensed physical therapist and physical therapy assistants. This created a new service to further impact patient care in a positive way. As the practice evolved from just chiropractic to full-scale rehab, they saw the need for regenerative services. So, a medical team was added, which enabled our team to tackle musculoskeletal disease from every angle.

Ozzie Smith came to the Paducah location for treatment, which provided the opportunity to bring Ozzie Smith Center (OSC) to St. Louis, through a partnership with Ozzie and IMAC.

The IMAC Regeneration Center of St. Louis, DBA Ozzie Smith Center, opened in 2016. This was the second location of what would eventually be 17 at its peak. In February of 2019, the company went public and in April of 2019, Dr. Brame moved to St. Louis to manage the offices. Restrictions in place due to the coronavirus-19, caused many small businesses to take a big hit, including the IMAC centers, which required in-person treatments. Despite this, OSC survived, although that could not be said for all IMAC locations. The corporation of IMAC had downsized to three locations, and as November of 2023, Dr. Brame became the new owner of OSC, as a privately-held business once again.

“As an original owner of the company, I look forward to getting back to running an office instead of managing it for a corporation,” said Dr. Brame.

 “We are focused on our one location being the best in the industry, versus expanding locations. We will focus on continuing the services that we offer and adapt to enhance our patient experience. We will continue to offer services to treat musculoskeletal disease with our chiropractic, physical therapy, and regenerative services along with bioidentical hormone therapy and weight loss options. We are also expanding to regenerative services in aesthetics through madd aesthetics. Our nurse practitioner is a certified provider in the trademarked Vampire Facials, VBLs, O-Shot and P-Shot. As the new sole owner of OSC, I’m grateful to have the same great team of people who care deeply about our patients and seeing them succeed.”

Jason Brame, D.C.

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