Nicole Farley

Office Administrator

Nicole joined the Ozzie Smith Center in June 2022, to manage the office. Previously, she held District Manager and Director of Operations roles for MassageLuxe, and she spent three years as District Manager for Aspen Dental.

Nicole chose to join the Ozzie Smith Center because of their mission of getting patients back to living their best lives without the burden of chronic symptoms. She is also a patient, as she had the need for regenerative services due to a back fusion years ago and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Helping people feel better, avoid surgery when possible, and improve quality of life impacts her deeply. She had felt she lost herself while going through past medical issues — roaming from doctor to doctor — being on so many pharmaceuticals that she had to take other drugs to counteract the side effects. She felt unheard in her own healthcare journey, so being cared for by people that listen to patients made all the difference. Ozzie Smith Center doesn’t mask the symptoms, the team treats the root cause, which has made all the difference for her.

In her spare time, Nicole and her husband enjoy creating new adventures, whether that’s a new trail to hike or learning how to dance. Their youngest child is just a couple years from graduation, so they are starting to explore being empty nesters. Feeling her best at this stage is life has been a blessing and she is living life to the fullest.

“The patients are the heart and soul of this place, but so is the team. They say it's the right people in the right places that make a place great, and this place is the greatest. I love how much this team celebrates patients’ progress — from giving up a cane or walker to getting back their mojo. I love seeing the change in patients when they finally see what it's like to have their lives back.”

Nicole Farley

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