IMAC Regeneration Center is a multi-specialty healthcare clinic focusing on regenerative medicine and wellness.  IMAC Regeneration Center combines the expertise of chiropractors, physical therapy doctors, nurse practitioners, and a neurosurgeon to obtain the best outcomes in care for our patients.  Dealing primarily with spine and joint issues, IMAC Regeneration Center is putting an end to knee and hip replacement surgery.

With platelet rich plasma (Pure PRP), stem cell therapy, and advanced wellness care, IMAC Regeneration Center is changing the lives of patients without surgery or pain medication.

IMAC Regeneration Center is uniquely equipped to treat conditions such as torn tendons, ligaments, rotator cuff, tendonitis, and other sports injuries.  By combining physical therapy with state of the art treatment protocols, IMAC Regeneration Center’s patients have experienced better results than traditional surgical procedures. The injury rehabilitation experts in our physical therapy department get patients back to normal activity quickly.

With patients traveling from Nashville, St. Louis, and even Dallas, Texas to receive treatment, IMAC Regeneration Center is a leader in spine and joint health. Located in Paducah, KY, IMAC Regeneration Center is uniquely positioned to treat patients from a variety of areas and geographic locations.

At IMAC Regeneration Center, the future of healthcare is here.

Source: NBC/WPSD Local 6