Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Thoracic outlet syndrome is a term used to describe the compression of blood vessels and nerves in the space between the collar bone and first rib. Another way to describe the area is to imagine drawing a triangle from the bottom of the ear down to the collarbone and toward the shoulder. This triangular area is known as the thoracic outlet. This compression can cause pain and inflammation from the shoulders into the neck, and numbness in the fingers.

Determining the cause of thoracic outlet syndrome may be difficult. There are a few common causes, including trauma from an auto accident, repetitive sports and work injuries, and pregnancy.

The Ozzie Smith Centers of Springfieldtake a hands-on approach to treating patients with thoracic outlet syndrome. The plan of care to address will be specific to the cause of your pain, if it is known.

Typically, patients find success with a mix of high touch/low tech manual therapy and gentle exercises to strengthen and stretch your muscles to improve your range of motion and posture over time. The goal is to take pressure of your blood vessels and nerves to decrease your pain.

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