I was sitting at an assisted living center recently listening to a colleague talk about our services. “Man I wish my grandparents would have heard of regenerative medicine 20 years ago,” I thought to myself. My grandfather has a spinal fusion in his neck and it gives him pain in his neck and arms every day. He’s a good sport about it, but I can tell he is uncomfortable a lot. His doctor probably told him, “You have stenosis. Your surgery is in two days,” and left him blinking in the exam room, questions unanswered. Now I’m not saying anything bad about his doctor. All I’m saying is that he is not aware of the actual reason he had his neck fused, and he was not told he had options. In my perfect chiropractic-friendly world, everyone would be encouraged to pursue a non-surgical route before having a spinal surgery. The nervous system is a delicate thing, and your spine is its protector.

Ok, back to the talk. My colleague finished his presentation and during the Q&A session, someone asked me the classic question. “Do you treat stenosis?” To which I delivered the classic response, “What kind of stenosis do you have?” I was met with a puzzled expression. YES- of course we treat that! Stenosis is a term meaning a narrowing of something, in many cases the spinal canal. There are many causes, including degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, bulging discs, etc. and they cause things like pain, burning, numbness and tingling. Rarely are these surgical cases! Through the integrated approach at Ozzie Smith Center, we restore function in your spine and get rid of your symptoms, immediately followed by corrective regenerative medicine. This is a long-term permanent solution. If you think you have stenosis, don’t you deserve to consider all of your options and find out more? We love to educate our patients on the ins and outs of what they are experiencing, and more than that we LOVE to get them better without surgery.