There is a battle today. It is a war on prescription medicines like opioids,  muscle relaxers, and looking to pills or surgery to fix everything. Unfortunately many people that we see at the Ozzie Smith Center, or who we finally get to see, have been beaten down, worn out and to the point of surrender with this war. Potential patients come in, often times, waving the white flag.

Degeneration is a breakdown in a system.  Its definition is “deterioration and loss of function in the cells of a tissue.”  What if there is a way to take that loss by regenerating or renewing the cells of that very tissue? Sound too good to be true? At our clinic we see and embrace this very possibility knowing that we truly were created to live, to heal and to repair. It is in our very design and our DNA.

When you have an injury or a cut blood rushes to the injury to supply the hurt with a multitude of cellular components to help the body start to repair. We have harnessed that very process by using your own blood and your own cells to create repair, health and a renewing of degenerated areas of the body.

We are taking our firm stance and will fight for your health, using the very techniques that we were created with to survive. The struggle is real, the battle is real and we are REALLY serious about getting the whole you better.  #regenerativemedicine #ozziesmithcenter #healing