Everyone has played the License Plate Game. Traveling down the road, checking off states and trying to win!


If businesses in Paducah played the License Plate Game, IMAC Regeneration Center would win hands down! IMAC of Paducah treated patients from eleven different states during the first half of 2016. Residents of Alaska, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas became patients at IMAC in addition to those from the Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois area. These patients as well as IMAC vendors from Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin combined to generate additional tax revenue in the community.


Supporting and growing the local Paducah economy is important to Dr. Matt Wallis, founder of IMAC.  “We are bringing growth and innovation to our community,” says Wallis.  “We recently expanded our medical and marketing departments and are continually searching for new team members with a passion for changing lives.”  New employment opportunities are just part of IMAC’s contribution to the growing economy in the Western Kentucky area.  In just the last six months, IMAC was responsible for 67 paid lodging nights, at least four flights to Barkley Regional, and countless fuel and meal charges from visitors to Paducah.


Why do people travel so far to become patients at IMAC? Our state-of-the-art medical facility and multi-disciplinary therapeutic approach to health care allows us to treat patients with restricted movement in a way unparalleled to anywhere else in the country.  “Our patients tell our story best,” Dr. Wallis explains.  “They can’t wait to tell others how their lives have changed for the better since receiving treatment at IMAC. Their stories of hope spread through family and friends. Therefore, the majority of our new business comes from patient referrals.  Who could ask for more?”


If you drive by IMAC this week, you will likely recognize the volume of cars in our parking lot. It’s always interesting to see the various states represented on the license plates. As a locally owned small business, IMAC Regeneration of Paducah has proved its reach all the way to Alaska. The irony is that people with movement restricting conditions such as Osteoarthritis or Parkinson’s Disease are willing to travel thousands of miles to regain movement. So the next time you see a unique license plate around Paducah, don’t be surprised if it is someone traveling to IMAC to get moving again…


If you or someone you know could benefit from IMAC’s innovative treatment protocols for movement restricting conditions, please contact one of our patient coordinators at (270) 554-5114 or email contactus@imacpaducah.com.  You may also visit our website http://imacpaducah.com for additional information.