Wendy B.

17 years ago, I was an avid fitness instructor and gym owner, spending time raising my family, and running a successful business. I loved kick-boxing, taught 5 AM Boot Camps 3 times a week, was a personal trainer, and loved riding my Harley with my husband. Then, at age 40, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, leaving my healthy and active lifestyle abruptly changed. I could no longer speak clearly, write legibly or walk without falling. I couldn’t read my writing at all, I had to hang onto my husband or friends to walk and I had to avoid public gatherings because nobody could hear or understand me.

10 years ago, I made the decision to have Deep Brain Stimulator surgery to help me function. I managed my symptoms with the help of the surgery and medications for several years following the surgery, but in November of 2016 I noticed a drastic decline. It was during this time a friend of mine had a conversation with Ozzie Smith about his new regenerative medicine clinic and the positive outcomes Parkinson’s patients were experiencing from treatments utilizing adult stem cell therapy. I called IMAC Regeneration Centers right away.

After an exam and health evaluation, the medial team at IMAC determined I would be a great candidate for the stem cell protocol for Parkinson’s. I had my first intrathecal stem cell procedure in November 2016 and have completed two phases of customized physical therapy. The positive changes I have experienced have been remarkable.  I have had so many compliments about my voice and how much clearer my speech is. I took notes the other day and was actually able to read them! Two months ago I was unable to “hop”. Last week I started hopping from foot to foot and then started punching! My husband and I are both ecstatic!

I am looking forward to the continued improvement as I complete phase 3 over the next few months at IMAC.  I am very excited to return to my active lifestyle of teaching Boot Camp Classes and playing with my 4 grandsons.  I love the relationships I have built with the staff at IMAC.  The staff is top notch and Paige (my PT GIRL) is the bomb. Everyone has been so positive and professional. I am very impressed. Watch Wendy tell her own story here.


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