Thomas S.

At the age of sixteen I picked up a habit that changed my life forever.

Smoking daily caught up with me in 2012 when I was diagnosed with COPD; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  With the exception of an inhaler and medication, I was told there was nothing that could be done to bring back my quality of life. Daily tasks became a constant struggle as I felt winded and short of breath after any amount of activity.

I read about the treatments at IMAC Regeneration Centers in a magazine and thought this could be the answer I was hoping for. After completing the first round of stem cells and inhalation PRP treatment, the results were incredible! I could walk without feeling winded, I could breathe more easily without feeling as if there was weight on my chest, and my quality of sleep improved one hundred percent allowing me to sleep without oxygen.

Coming to IMAC Regeneration Centers was the best decision I have made in my seventy-three years.  Watch Thomas tell his story here.

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If you know anyone suffering from COPD, IMAC Regeneration Centers may be able to help.  Please call 1-844-266-IMAC to set up an appointment for an evaluation or email [email protected] for more information.


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