Sandy G.

“First of all, being pro-active is BEST for overall health in the FIRST place. I decided to check out IMAC Regeneration Ozzie Smith Center as a result of a friend telling me about what had happened to her….2 bad knees, bone on bone, went to the hospital in an ambulance in such pain! I saw her walk with no problems & as happy as she was about her own personal issue, she shared her success story with me. I had some issues with my knees so decided to take a PRO-ACTIVE approach which I believe added to the success of all of my treatment program…I could not have been happier with the care & treatment that I received, physical therapy and medical treatments was all that was needed. Over the winter of 2017, I injured my left arm simply raking leaves…I thought it would get better over the winter, but unfortunately, it did not. I immediately contacted Ozzie Smith Center for this condition. I did NOT need any surgery, which I feel confident that would have been on the agenda with an orthopedic doctor! All I needed was IMAC medical treatments and physical therapy! Surgery is NOT the course of action I wish to pursue with any physical issues and that’s why I will ALWAYS trust the advice of the great physical therapists & doctors at Ozzie Smith Center.  I have seen miracles happen to other patients right before my very eyes at “Ozzie’s”! They really do CARE about your progress! I share their brochures with as many people as I can because they treat a variety of physical issues that I never thought could be helped WITHOUT medications & surgeries. The IMAC Regeneration Ozzie Smith Center process is the way of our health future!”

– Sandy G.

Committed to Success without surgery.