Sally K.

This is Sally. If you’ve lived in the Springfield area for a while you may recognize her from KOLR10 in the 80s!

➡️ She was told by three different orthopedic surgeons 👨‍⚕️that she needed a knee replacement. She didn’t want to go down that road because she was afraid of the surgery, the recovery, and rehab… plus she had heard horror stories from friends who had gone through joint replacements.

➡️ Looking for a non-surgical solution, Sally found Ozzie Smith Center. Her knees are no longer bone-on-bone, and she recently took a vacation to Thailand… something she would have NEVER CONSIDERED prior to coming to “Ozzie’s place”. On her trip, she visited ancient temples (hello, stairs!) and event went to an elephant preserve.🐘

Sally is now exercising 5 times a week, plus she can get in and out of the car and rollover in bed without pain.

Committed to Success without surgery.