Richard R.

My name is Rich, a Boston transplant living south of Saint Louis.   

My knees were in terrible shape; the right one was scoped multiple times finally resulting with the removal of the meniscus. When the left knee swelled with fluid and the pain associated with walking reach a point, I sought out the opinions of two different orthopedic surgeons. I was told surgery was my only option for a pain free existence. 

I wasn’t that keen on having double knee replacement, as I entered my 70’s, so I looked into regeneration options. Fortunately for me, Ozzie Smith’s Clinic seemed like a viable option. I drove up the interstate to the Olive Street location and was immediately impressed by the level of concern, and honesty of the people I met. 

Over a fiveweek span, I dealt with some of the most friendly, knowledgeable, and professional people I had ever met. It was actually fun being put through exercise routines, which include message therapy. The shots to the knees were painless. The entire experience was truly amazing. So much so, that I told everyone if we were back in Boston, they would be called, “Wicked Awesome!”  

It’s been three years since I went through the regeneration process. I’m back walking five miles each morning, I’m kneeling pain free while working in the garden. Ladders are once again doable. Most importantly, I can keep up with my Grandchildren. Gone are the days of sitting at the entrance to theme parks because I could drive the family there, but couldn’t walk with them. Gone are the days of icing each knee, over and over throughout the day. Gone are the days taking copious amounts of pain-relie pills. 

I made an excellent choice and anyone reading this has the same option. You, too, can have the same level of success and be pain free. 

 – Richard R.

Committed to Success without surgery.