Mike J.

What’s on your BUCKET LIST? 

Mike recently hiked down the Grand Canyon to the historical Phantom Ranchlocated at the bottom of the Grand CanyonAnd, he didn’t stop there.  Hthen hiked the South Kaibab Trail 8.5 miles (26,855 steps), and the NEXT day hiked UP the Bright Angel Trail 9.5 miles! 

 I know without Ozzie Smith IMAC treatments this would not have been possible. After a rear end collision this past May and going through lower back physical therapy, chiropractic and medical treatments there is no way that my Bucket List hike would not have happened.”   

We congratulate Mike on this fantastic achievement!  He’s an active adult, working in media with these closing comments “THANK YOU Ozzie Smith IMAC and your professional team. 

Committed to Success without surgery.