Melissa N.

Since 2013 I have experienced chronic back pain, knee pain, and numbness in my left leg. I came to IMAC in August and was amazed at the fact that every person I spoke to was truly interested in my care. From the initial consultation each member of the IMAC center listened to my concerns and the history associated with each problem. After my initial symptoms were diagnosed, I began decompression therapy, chiropractic care, medical treatments and physical therapy. After the first three days of care I felt 80% better. I went from having chronic daily pain to occasionally having pain. By week 3 I was having minimal to zero pain. Not only did my pain decrease but my mobility and quality of sleep increased. My overall mood improved drastically within that first 3 weeks. I received my last medical treatment and completed my care plan the beginning November. As a former collegiate athlete, I can honestly say that the IMAC Regeneration Center has improved my physical functionality to the point where I am able to function as I did 12 years ago. I highly recommend IMAC and the staff!

– Melissa N.


Committed to Success without surgery.