Lois C.

“How long do you want to feel BAD?” is the big question that Lois poses to her friends in pain. 

 My knees were hurting.  I took up yoga, which was good for the pain, but the studio was 12 miles away from my house.  Then I saw an Ozzie Smith IMAC commercial on TV and eventually signed up to attend an educational seminar in St. Louis.  My husband and I loved the info and heard how the body is designed to heal itself.  It confirmed to me that God can help us heal from within.  Elaine, Paige and Cari were instrumental at walking me through the recommended treatment plan of visco shots, PT and medical treatments…and the cost fell within our means.  The entire staff, front the front office ladies to the doctors, are so very warm and caring. 


My husband and I had time do more things since we retired, so we had plans…that didn’t include  

sitting at home in pain.  Now we can vacation together—take a stroll on the different beaches we love to visitwe walked the uphill paths of Tombstone, AZ and we visit our friends in different locations of the U.S.  This retirement life is amazing!”  

Committed to Success without surgery.