Kelly K.

It’s been one year since her last treatment at the Ozzie Smith IMAC Center.  Kelly, who is a licensed hairdresser, told us that her back pain has been reduced by 90%!!! 

“I had an MRI in 2010 and leaned that I had degenerative joint disease with 7 bulging discs.  I was too young to retire from my profession.  I searched for a non-surgical solution that would reduce my pain AND my fear that my back was going to go out.  I found the Ozzie Smith IMAC Regeneration Center and quickly agreed to an intradiscal treatment plan that included medical treatments, which addressed the inflammation in my spine and herniated discs, and provided great relief.   

In the past year I have continued to follow a personal wellness plan that includes chiropractic adjustments at the Ozzie Smith Center.  Honestly, I can exercise more now…jogging 3 miles 3x per week…and I’m back to dancing.  And on the job, I’m stronger and have a better range of motion, so my clients benefit from my successful results, too.  Don’t wait to check out what the IMAC Regeneration Center and their dedicated team can do for you!”  

Committed to Success without surgery.