John H.

John has been receiving treatment at Ozzie Smith Center for just over a month – and his results are already worth sharing! 

In October, John came to Ozzie Smith Center with severe back pain caused by 5 consecutive discs in his back that were ruptured, bulged, and injured. He had experienced back pain for many years, spurred by his 15 years working in concrete construction. John could hardly walk and started experience radiating pain into his legs and needed his wife’s help to get out of bed in the morning. 

At Ozzie Smith Center, John has received spinal decompression, trigger point injections, and a back brace. John says he doubted the back brace at first, but it was awesome! “I could tell a difference by the time I got out to the parking lot!” 

John says he thought the treatments would be yet another thing that “worked for someone else, but not for me.” He says that he has his lowest pain level that he has had in 12 years and considered running the Turkey Trot with his family on Thanksgiving Day! 

“You can’t argue with results. This is the tallest I’ve stood in 12 years!” 

… and he’s not done yet! John will begin platelet-rich plasma treatments with us this week. 

Committed to Success without surgery.