Joey O.

My life was a fight for every day. It was a struggle just to do the simple things. I’d been stuck in a wheelchair for the last 3 years. It started out with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and then changed to Progressive MS. It really snowballed on me. I had no feeling in my right leg- I could tell it to move but it just wouldn’t. I went from limping to a cane, and then to a wheelchair.  It’s been really tough. Then I had a stroke on top of it. I had a really bad fall and ended up in the hospital with serious injuries. I had basically given up after ending up in the hospital after a really bad fall and not being able to walk for the last 18 months.

After finding out about the treatments IMAC is doing for MS, I decided to give it a try.  It has helped me so much, and I can tell such a big difference in so many areas of my life.  The main difference is that I am walking again!  After two phases of stem cell treatment and physical therapy at IMAC, I have gone from a wheelchair, to a walker and now to a cane.  My dream of walking again has come true. Another dream has come true – I haven’t been able to visit my daughter for two years because of being unable to climb steps to her house.  Now that I can climb stairs, I was able to visit her just the other day. The results are amazing. I am so thankful to IMAC, and so is my family.  It has completely changed my life.

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Part 2 of Joey Olson’s recovery from MS after Phase 2 of treatment at IMAC Regeneration Centers.

Joey is now walking independently after being confined to a wheelchair for 4 years!

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