Gayle E.

Determined to become a healthier person, at 60, Gayle made fitness a part of her everyday life.  She joined a gym and began challenging workouts three times a week.  She visualized a healthier, slimmer, stronger and more able body to face future years.  However, her workouts triggered a painful injury that took away time and energy.  Her rheumatoid arthritis combined with disc issues and stenosis in her lower back, was so painful that she couldn’t even do housework for 2 years. 

One day Gayle walked into the Ozzie Smith IMAC Regeneration Center and found hope in the rehabilitative treatments and therapies that were described to her by the therapists and medical staff.   

Gayle’s treatment program included PT, spinal decompression, chiropractic adjustments and medical treatments.  She said the collaboration among the staff from each protocol was so different from anything she had ever experienced in a clinic setting.  The intent of the IMAC team is to help the patient do more, feel better and do it NOW…no waiting for weeks to pass to implement change for health improvement. 

Gayle says she will probably never be completely rid of pain, but her IMAC treatments have made her a happy and functional human being again.  She’s back to doing her housework, and has enough energy to be a touch therapy dog trainer in her free time! 

Committed to Success without surgery.