Ed C.

“I have friends who have had knee replacements—and I didn’t want one, as I wanted to avoid what I consider barbaric-type surgery.  My body has taken a lot of abuse over the years, so not surprising that my knees were bad.  In the Maine Corps, I ran everywhere.  When I worked on an oil rig, I stood on metal floors and jumped off trucks.  And working at the Prison, I dealt with concrete floors and had altercations with inmates.  

So, I walked with a cane occasionally and stairs were a definite problem for me.  My wife urged me to go to a seminar to learn more about non-surgical treatments for knee pain, and I’m a new man because of it.  I received PT, chiropractic adjustments, gel injections and stem cell injections at the Ozzie Smith IMAC Center.  My wife and I were patients at the clinic at same time. The care team totally supports their patients and is concerned about their progress.  They are more like friends and don’t make you feel that it’s just a business…you MATTER and your goals MATTER!  I want to give a special shout-out to Willis because he was “devoted” to getting me better, so I could be active in my retirement.   

Now, my wife and I can vacation together when we want AND where we want.  You know what they say…the couple that plays together, stays together!  


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September 28, 2020

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