Dorinda R.

I had been experiencing extreme fatigue, muscle weakness and pain for over two years and had begun seeking answers for my symptoms and condition. My job of working at a daycare 9-10 hours a day had become very difficult and I was unable to hold the children without sitting on the floor and letting them come to me. I would go home right after work and go straight to bed, with no quality of life.  After meeting with a neurologist in Nashville, he told me I was showing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis but did not offer a full diagnosis. I researched the benefits of stem cells and because of my trust in the doctors at IMAC (I was already a chiropractic patient), I decided to have the Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Protocol in hopes of stopping the progression of the symptoms and possible disease process. I have completed the third phase of treatment at IMAC and have increased energy and strength to pick up and hold the children at daycare as well as come home after work and cook and enjoy activities with my husband.  I love shopping and playing with my grandchildren – activities I was unable to do before the stem cell protocol at IMAC.

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