Debbie H.

Six months ago, I was a typical Parkinson’s patient.  I suffered terribly from the damaging, neurological condition and was getting worse each day.  “Debbie couldn’t do anything but get up, look at the television and read,” says her husband, Rick.  I did little shuffle steps and was rigid and my voice was leaving me. We didn’t know what to do. Parkinson’s disease has affected me for nearly seven years, and I was reacting negatively to medication.

Doctors were ready to perform brain surgery as a last resort. Then, we heard about stem cell treatment at IMAC Regeneration Centers and decided to give it a try. I have completed all 3 phases of the Parkinson’s treatment protocol and we both see the physical recovery has been remarkable. Since beginning stem cell treatment at IMAC, I am writing legibly again, walking without a cane, and recently drove myself on a shopping trip.

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