Courtney C.

I have struggled for many years with the effects of Parkinson’s disease and over the last year had digressed to life in a wheelchair. At 74 years of age, my health was in serious decline. In order to manage my debilitating symptoms, I was given prescription medication and offered surgery as my only medical options with no hope of recovery. As things continued to deteriorate, I turned to the doctors at IMAC Regeneration Centers for their opinion on what I should do.

I had been receiving chiropractic care and physical therapy at IMAC over the past 7 years and was blessed to already be a patient when they started practicing regenerative medicine.  I had benefited from the chiropractic and physical therapy, but it wasn’t enough to stop or reverse the disease process. Unfortunately, the disease was beginning to progress very quickly and I found my quality of life deteriorating.  The doctors at IMAC were able to offer me a customized stem cell treatment protocol  to begin the recovery process and help me get back on my feet toward a better life.  Watch Courtney’s amazing progress here.

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If you know anyone suffering from a neurological condition, IMAC Regeneration Centers may be able to help.  Please call 1-844-266-IMAC to set up an appointment for an evaluation or email [email protected] for more information.


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