Herniated and Bulging Disc

We Offer Hands-On Therapy for Your Spinal Cord Injuries.

Have you been told you might have a ruptured disc, or a pinched nerve, herniated and bulging disc,? To most people, these terms are confusing and overwhelming.

Simply put, the spine is a complicated structure. Vertebrae, nerves, and discs all compete for space where there is not much wiggle room. Vertebrae (bones in the spine) give the body stability while holding it up, but also allow for a certain amount of movement. The discs, which are in between the bony vertebrae, give the body cushioning and create space between the vertebrae for nerves to branch out from the spinal cord.

Herniated and Bulging Disc

In general, disc changes occur naturally with age. This can be accelerated with incorrect lifting mechanics, lifting too much weight, car accidents, slip & falls, etc. Discs bulges are relatively common and often are not painful. The good news is discs can heal with conservative treatment. A common misconception is that surgery is required to “fix” the disc, however physical therapy can be more effective in relieving pain associated with disc injuries.

At the Ozzie Smith Centers of Springfield, a typical plan of care for an individual with a disc injury will involve manual therapy to relieve pain and correct misalignment and exercises to balance muscle strength and promote spine control.