Headaches and Migraines

Hands-On Treatment for Headaches and Migraines at the Ozzie Smith Centers of Springfield

There are many causes of headaches and many of those causes respond well to hands-on therapy treatments. Common causes include tension in the neck and shoulders, stress, poor blood flow, seasonal allergies and sinus congestion, nerve irritations, or misalignment in the cervical vertebrae among other factors.

While mainstream treatment of headaches and migraines can include prescr-iption medications to provide temporary relief, the Ozzie Smith Centers of Springfield have a different approach. Our physical therapists use hands-on techniques to address the source of your pain and make long term changes to your body’s pattern. A custom treatment program of gentle manual techniques tailored to the specific source of your pain and light exercise lead many headache sufferers to pain relief.

If you haven’t had luck with migraine medication to control the frequency, intensity, and duration of your headaches, the Ozzie Smith Centers of Springfield may be the solution for you. Our patients report more complete, longer lasting relief and decreased reliance on medication after completing a plan of care at the Ozzie Smith Centers of Springfield.

The unique, hands-on treatments we offer are available at all 4 clinic locations. To book a free, no obligation headache assessment with one of our expert physical therapists, click the link below. We look forward to meeting you, listening to your concerns, and identifying where your pain is stemming from.

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