Merna H. came to IMAC Regeneration Center six months ago as a last resort.  She was in pain 100% of the time.  She couldn’t walk or do her normal household chores.  The most difficult issue:  she could no longer kneel with her family to pray during their daily devotions.  After 20 years of excruciating knee pain and two scopes, the recommendation from her orthopedic doctor was total knee replacement surgery.  It was not the decision Merna wanted to make.  “I wasn’t ready for surgery.  I wanted a better option.”


Merna found out about IMAC’s stem cell treatment protocol for knee pain from her local chiropractor.  “She told me she had heard people were experiencing great results with growing new cartilage and gaining mobility back with the stem cell treatments at IMAC Regeneration Center.  I wanted to give it a try.”  Merna made the decision to call IMAC and over the last six months has gone from 100% pain to living pain-free.  The combination of stem cell and platelet treatments, along with carefully crafted physical therapy, has given Merna’s own knee tissue the opportunity to regenerate.


“I know people who have had knee replacement surgery.  They lose the ability for their own knee to heal and they are in so much pain.  I did not want that for myself.”  Merna feels the recovery she has experienced has given her the future she always planned.  “I want to walk-to be able to exercise every day and keep weight off my knees.  I want to be able to kneel and pray with my family.  I am determined to stick with my goals.  Now I can do all of these things.”


Merna is very happy with the care she has received at IMAC.  “The staff has been wonderful and supportive.  I can tell everyone here truly cares about people and their health.  I hope other people realize there is a better option than knee replacement surgery and give IMAC a try.”


If you or someone you know could benefit from IMAC’s innovative knee treatment protocols, please contact one of our patient coordinators at (270) 554-5114 or email: You may also visit our website for additional information.