After living with severe knee pain for 20 years, 64-year-old Carol had a difficult decision to make. “I had been to 6 different doctors and nothing they offered could fix my knee and get me out of pain. It was either try IMAC or start building a wheelchair ramp.”


The pain in Carol’s knees had made it impossible to walk, sit or stand without a great deal of pain. “Walking and climbing stairs had become almost impossible,” says Carol. “I was completely reliant on a walker just to move around.” She was tired of needing pain medication and frustrated with the limitations her pain was putting on her daily activities.


On the verge of giving up hope, Carol heard about IMAC through a family friend who had received the knee treatment protocol and had experienced excellent results. Carol admits it makes a world of difference to have seen the change with her own eyes. “It is easier to believe something will work when you can see it for yourself. After I saw how much my friend had improved, I knew what I needed to do – call IMAC!”


After receiving a customized, regenerative knee treatment protocol at IMAC, Carol has experienced life-changing results for herself. “I can sit down like a normal person and I can ride a bicycle again. I have so much more energy and am 98% pain free.” She is also very thankful to not have to worry about needing prescription medication to manage pain any longer.


Carol is now recommending IMAC to her family and friends. “My experience at IMAC has been FANTASTIC! The treatment works and all the people are wonderful! I recommend IMAC to everybody I talk to.”


If you or someone you know could benefit from the innovative knee treatment protocols offered at the Ozzie Smith IMAC Regeneration Center, please contact one of our patient coordinators at (314) 200-4955 or email: You may also visit our website for additional information.