A coming together, unified approach and combining more than one discipline are descriptors of integration. It is as old as civil rights and as cutting edge as what we are doing in our field of Regenerative Medicine. Integrated practices break down the walls of hierarchy and place each clinician as a valued team member, all contributing to their area of expertise for the better good of the whole.

At the Ozzie Smith Center in St. Louis and much like our flagship clinic in Kentucky, we take this concept, embrace it and capitalize on the synergy and strength of it. We know there is no “I” in team and that it sometimes takes an army to conquer the battle.

Our team approach has made us a force to reckon with when we combine medical know how with chiropractic restorative adjustments and physical therapy rehabilitative techniques. We know that a knee problem is likely associated with back and hip problems just as much as we know a neurological disease affects overall mobility that will require neuromuscular intervention to restore function.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, our hopes is that you will SEE our approach as the best choice to make your health as beautiful as it can be.