If you struggle with vertigo, you’re in the right place.

You know that feeling… the room may be spinning although you know it is not. Vertigo may cause feelings of tilting, spinning or falling, nausea, vomiting and even trouble walking or standing.

What causes vertigo?

“Vertigo usually results from a sudden or temporary change int he activity of the balance sensors in the inner ear or in the balance sensors’ connections to the brain, both of which detect movement and changes in your head position”, according to Dr. Lotkowski and vestibular.org.

3 Tips to Help your Vertigo Now:

  1. If you’re taking multiple medications, have a prescription review with your physician or pharmacist. Here’s why… Certain drugs or medications can have negative side effects when taken with others. It is important to tell your doctor or pharmacists all prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins/supplements you’re taking. Springfield, MO Vertigo treatment
  2. Stress frequently amplifies dizziness symptoms, so practicing stress reduction and relaxation techniques can often calm vertigo-type and dizziness symptoms. Jeremy Graddy, DPT at IMAC Regeneration Centers often recommends free meditation apps to his patients. Here’s a link to three free apps and their benefits… click here! The #1 app Jeremy recommends is “Stop, Breathe, Think” — check it out! springfield mo vertigo treatment
  3. Vertigo can be solved with evaluation and treatment by an experienced physical therapist. At IMAC, our team of expert therapists in locations across the country are trained in advanced vestibular rehabilitation techniques to resolve vertigo symptoms and end the feelings of dizziness, falling, and spinning that may be keeping you from going to work, going on family outings, and enjoying life. Although it seems like an odd condition to be treated by a physical therapist, vertigo sufferers often find relief in just 1-3 visits at IMAC Regeneration Centers. Let us help you to realign the balance sensors in your inner ear… and get back to your life!

springfield, mo vertigo treatment

Vertigo Sufferers… be sure you read this note from IMAC Physical Therapists offering vertigo treatment:

I know there are hundreds of people in the communities IMAC serves struggling with vertigo. Our team of therapists has taken advanced courses in vestibular rehabilitation to better understand the workings of our bodies balance center and sensors and how these communicate with the brain.

There are a few additional pieces of insight I want to share with folks who have been dealing with vertigo…

Try to maintain as much safe movement and normal activity levels as possible.

Here’s why…

Frequently, people limit their neck and shoulder motion to prevent motion-induced vertigo. This created additional complaints of stiffness and pain. Vertigo sufferers often limit the amount of activity they get, causing muscles to weaken and the vestibular system, in general, to weaken.

Springfield, MO vertigo treatment

Together, these things make recovering from vertigo harder. Keeping your normal activity level and range of motion as allowed and safely, can prevent additional problems and make recovery faster and easier.

If you want to sit down and chat an IMAC medical professional about your vertigo, call your local IMAC Regeneration Center. We’d be happy to talk with you about your symptoms and discuss if we can help you.

IMAC Regeneration offers Vertigo Treatment on a daily basis.

We look forward to you being our next patient success story! Book a phone consultation with one of our medical professionals today.