IMAC Holdings Announces Dr. Donald Douglas, Interventional Pain Management Physician, has Joined Tony Delk IMAC Regeneration Center in Lexington, Ky.


Lexington, KY. (October 15th, 2018) –IMAC Holdings, Inc. (“IMAC”), a provider of regenerative rehabilitation orthopedic treatments without the use of surgery or opioids, announced Donald Douglas, M.D., an interventional pain management specialist, has joined Tony Delk IMAC Regeneration Center in Lexington, Ky. The Tony Delk Center, located at 2537 Larkin Road, serves as the anchor facility for the Company’s planned expansion in the Lexington area.


Dr. Douglas’ interventional pain management expertise adds to IMAC Regeneration Centers’ broad range of physician specialties.  IMAC physicians are board certified in neurosurgery, interventional radiology, sports medicine and/or internal medicine.


“IMAC was immediately impressed with Dr. Douglas and his experience,” said Jeff Ervin, CEO.  “He brings a tremendous knowledge of treating pain and orthopedic conditions without opioids, which aligns with our stated non-opioid approach to alleviating chronic pain via regenerative and minimally invasive treatments for the growing numbers of sports and orthopedic injuries we see, in particular as the population ages.  Dr. Douglas will be instrumental in providing support to patients seeking alternatives to traditional surgeries for joint repair or replacement.”


A graduate of University of Kentucky’s College of Medicine, Douglas has been  practicing interventional pain management without the use of opioids for 20 years. He also served on the Kentucky Governor’s Oxycontin Task Force working to find solutions for the opioid crisis in the United States.  The first  of his 15 siblings to attend college, he is also an accomplished athlete, qualifying for the Olympic trials twice in the 400-meter hurdles. 


“My goal as a physician is to help people improve their quality of life and to try and do my best for each person every day.  I take that job very personally,”said Douglas.  “I decided to join IMAC because I know from experience that injuries, whether it be athletic, on the job or age-related, often do not respond to singular conventional treatment.  With IMAC,I see the opportunity to address the primary cause of the injury and not just treat the symptoms.  IMACprovides patients withrevolutionary waysof treating pain byrepairing the underlying cause with regenerative rehabilitation instead of surgery or opioids.”


Please contact Tony Delk IMAC Regeneration Center (859) 545-0043 to make a new patient appointment or visit for more information. 


About IMAC Holdings, Inc.


IMAC Holdings was created in March 2015 to expand on the footprint of the original IMAC Regeneration Center, which opened in Kentucky in August 2000. IMAC Regeneration Centers combine life science advancements with traditional medical care for movement restricting diseases and conditions.  It owns or manages outpatient clinics that provide regenerative, orthopedic and minimally invasive procedures and therapies. It has partnered with several active and former professional athletes, opening two Ozzie Smith IMAC Regeneration Centers, two David Price IMAC Regeneration Centers, and a Tony Delk IMAC Regeneration Center. IMAC’s outpatient medical clinics emphasize its focus around treating sports and orthopedic injuries without surgery or opioids.


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