Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about IMAC's specialty approach?

IMAC Regeneration Centers lead the way in state-of-the-art medical treatments. Our goal: reduce the need for invasive surgery and eliminate this country’s dependence on opioid medications. We achieve this through innovative approaches to physical & occupational therapy, chiropractic, and physical medicine. Our cellular-based strategies include the use of cutting edge, FDA-compliant techniques that harness the healing power of the human body. At IMAC, you can expect exceptional customer service and top of the line medical care delivered by board certified medical doctors. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized treatment plans designed to renew and rehabilitate tissue damage using the body’s own reparative mechanisms. With our help, your body can heal!

What can I expect on the first visit?

Our front desk will greet you with a smile. We gladly accept any imaging or studies you have in your possession. Please bring them to your first visit for our medical team to review. After completing paperwork, you’ll see our all-star medical team for a comprehensive evaluation of your pain complaints.

Let us know where you’re hurting when you call to schedule your appointment. We are happy to evaluate multiple body parts, back pain and bone-on-bone knee pain for example.

What can I expect on my second visit?

A complementary second visit will be scheduled for a doctor to review the medical findings and images with you and your spouse. We’ll educate you on the root cause of your pain, and IMAC’s plan to treat you to get you back to doing what you love – without pain! There is no charge for the doctor’s report visit.

Does IMAC Regeneration Centers accept insurance?

Absolutely! We are happy to verifying coverage for you. At the doctor’s report visit, we will discuss your insurance coverage and any out-of-pocket expense you might have. IMAC is in-network with most major insurance plans. Contact an IMAC Center near you to find out more details about your specific insurance plan.

What do I wear?

The doctors and therapists at IMAC ask that you dress comfortably with clothes that allow easy access for the doctor or therapist to examine your problem areas. For treatments, loose fitting clothes that are comfortable for gentle exercises and supportive sneakers are often good choices.

Do you offer programs for me once I am feeling better?

Yes, once you have completed your customized treatment plan, your doctor or therapist will review your long-term home exercise plan. IMAC Regeneration Centers also offers Membership plans for continued care. Ask one of our team members for more information on our affordable plans!

What kind of training do the doctors and therapists have?

All IMAC Regeneration Center medical professionals hold appropriate licensure with state boards. Our medical doctors are board certified and have extensive training in various backgrounds. We are proud to have a talented and experienced team of medical doctors with experience in neurosurgery, family practice, anesthesiology, and interventional pain management.


Physical and Occupational Therapists hold high-level Masters and Doctorate degrees from accredited universities. 

Do you have any statistics on success rates and patient outcomes?

Yes, we do. IMAC is proud to publish patient outcome data to share with patients and the public. 

I'm not sure if IMAC can help me. Can I talk to a doctor?

Absolutely! Our doctors are happy to answer your questions. The best place to get started is to book a phone consultation with an IMAC Regeneration Center near you.

Committed to Success without surgery.