Post-Offer Testing

Using the Physical Capacity post-offer testing system, The Ozzie Smith Centers of Springfield are able to help employers match the right employee to the right job. A series of strength and endurance measures are used to give the employer an accurate picture of the employee’s physical abilities as they begin work along with baseline measurements.

Benefits of using The Ozzie Smith Centers of Springfield and the Physical Capacity Profile for your post-offer testing include:

  • Baseline measurements of your employee’s abilities are collected prior to their first day on the job. This means you’ll have documented values for their grip strength, flexibility in the spine, lifting capacities, and more prior to beginning work.
  • 30-40 minute test, depending on medical history
  • Your company receives the results of the test 2-5 minutes after the test is completed
  • Scheduling is easy, as The Ozzie Smith Centers of Springfield have 5 certified test administrators
  • Testing is performed at The Ozzie Smith Centers of Springfield

We know that choosing a post-offer testing system for your company can be overwhelming. Our goal is to make it simple.

Ask yourself these 3 questions to determine if PCP testing could be right for your company:

  1. Does your new hire really have the strength and fitness needed?
  2. Is your new employee bringing an old injury to their position?
  3. Is your employee ready to return to the same job after their injury?

We invite you to come to our clinic to experience the PCP test for yourself! You’ll leave feeling well-informed about how the PCP can be used to protect your company from hiring its next work comp claim.

Call our testing coordinator at 417-889-4800 to schedule a demo test.