After childbirth, my back hasn’t been the same. Is there hope for me? 

Every woman’s body reacts differently to the effects of pregnancy and childbirth. Like mountain climbing or scuba diving, it’s hard to know how your body will cope until you experience it. Much depends on your activity level before, during, and after pregnancy, any anesthesia you experienced, and what type of childbirth you went through. 

It’s true, pregnancy and childbirth have an unfortunate tendency to cause a number of nagging minor health problems—back pain, hemorrhoids, constipation, and varicose veins, to name a few—or to reveal dormant ones. Close to half of new mothers have at least one health concern in the weeks following childbirth. For some women, these pain complaints continue past the post-partum phase and impact everyday life for years until addressed. 

Dr. Rachel Rome at David Price IMAC Regeneration Center in Nashville is an expert in treating female back pain. As an anesthesiologist, Dr. Rome is well-versed in epidural, continuous spinal anesthesia, and other pain relief methods used during the childbirth experience and how anesthesia can affect the spine down the road. 

At IMAC, Dr. Rome uses a holistic approach to healing the body with regenerative medicine. 

“Using this approach to treat back pain has proven to be very successful for women suffering with residual back pain after having children. If you find that you pain is impacting your social life and relationships, it’s time to do something about it. Come in to see me!”

Non-surgical back pain treatment at IMAC Regeneration Centers can easily fit into a busy mom’s schedule. No referral, no downtime, no opioid medication. With our help, your body can heal! 

To schedule an appointment with our expert medical team, find an IMAC clinic near you or request a phone or video consultation with Dr. Rachel Rome by clicking here. 

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