Wandy S.

After suffering with knee pain and being forced to use a cane I knew it was time to do something about it. Like most, I thought surgery was my only option and scheduled to have my knee replaced in 2016. Shortly after scheduling the appointment I dropped from what they call a “widow maker heart attack,” which ninety-eight percent of people do not get up from.

The doctors told me because of the heart attack the risk of surgery was far too great, so I began to seek out non-surgical options to help my knee. Upon researching I came across IMAC Regeneration Centers, where they combine physical therapy, chiropractic care, and regenerative medicine to treat patients. Knowing I now had a way to help my knee I could not turn down this opportunity.

After receiving treatment for nearly a week, I quit using my cane and felt relief from the constant pain. Finding a way to get out of pain after being told surgery was not an option was the greatest blessing of all. Watch Wandy’s story here.


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