Knee Therapy

Do you suffer from knee pain? Have you been told that knee replacement surgery is your only option? Many patients come to the Ozzie Smith Center in similar circumstances.  We often see patients who have little to no cartilage in the knee and experience grinding pain with every step.  Joint replacement is not the only option! Knee Therapy at the Ozzie Smith Center consists of a comprehensive approach to healing, combining physical therapy, chiropractic care, and medical treatments for the best possible results. At the Ozzie Smith IMAC Regeneration Center, we treat all stages of arthritis in the knee, and our patients experience pain relief without the side effects of drugs or undergoing major knee replacement surgery.

Hip Therapy

Hip pain is a debilitating part of life for far too many people.  Accurately diagnosing the source of the pain can be a challenge due to the many potential causes of hip pain.  Far too often, patients are told that joint replacement is the only option only to find that the surgery has not relieved the pain.

At the Ozzie Smith Center, we bring together medical doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors who collaborate to ensure an accurate diagnosis and treatment for hip pain.  We then begin each patient on a customized treatment plan to directly address the cause of the pain without drugs or surgery.

The Ozzie Smith IMAC Regeneration Center builds upon the cutting edge research of IMAC Regeneration Center and has proven to have better patient outcomes that surgical intervention.

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain affects every aspect of your life.  Every movement of your body uses the muscles and joints in the spine severely limiting your ability to complete tasks.

The causes of back pain can be wide ranging: bulging disc, disc herniation, muscle pulls, disc degeneration, and more.  At the Ozzie Smith IMAC Regeneration Center, we are prepared to provide you with relief no matter the source of the pain.

For bulging or herniated discs, the Ozzie Smith Center uses a combination of chiropractic, medical, and physical therapy to gently correct the disc position, relieving pain from nerves that are impacted by the disc.

For muscular pain, our physical therapy and chiropractic teams work to relieve the source of the tension and strengthen the core to prevent future recurrences.

For those suffering from degenerative disc disease, IMAC Regeneration Centers have pioneered new medical treatments that allow us to help the body heal degenerating discs without drugs or surgery.

Shoulder Treatment

The professionals at the Ozzie Smith Center recognize that any type of pain can be detrimental to a patient’s quality of life. That impact on daily tasks can feel much worse when the pain is located in the shoulder.

Shoulder pain affects everything we do, from sleeping at night to showering in the mornings.  The inability to use your arms without pain prevents us from doing the things we love: playing with the grandkids, playing a round of golf, or tooling on a project car.

The Ozzie Smith IMAC Regeneration Center combines the benefits of physical therapy, chiropractic care, and medical procedures to ensure that our patients can get back to enjoying the things they want to enjoy in life.

Neurological Treatment

Neurological disease affects every aspect of life.  From daily household chores to tasks at work, everything becomes more difficult after a diagnosis of a neurological disease such as Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis.

Neurological disease has historically only been treatable with medication.  The Ozzie Smith IMAC Regeneration Center has pioneered brand new treatments that bring stability to the patient suffering for neurological disease.  Our treatments have slowed the progression of symptoms and allowed patients to live a higher quality of life.