Change in Healthcare is coming. And I am not talking about a new government sanctioned way of healthcare. I am talking about HEALTHCARE, not SICKNESS CARE. Because let’s be honest, our health insurance is mostly used for sickness not health. However, clinics all over and even “traditional healthcare”, and I use that term loosely here, are popping up across the nation. In the past two weeks interesting articles and newsworthy items have landed on my computer. Interviews from a renowned orthopedist in the St. Louis Community to a news article out of San Antonio, Texas. Both tout early looks at stem cells. Well for the past eight years and now for the past eight months in St. Louis, IMAC Regeneration Centers have been using Stem Cells. And the results are real. The results are amazing. The results will change lives. The results offer HOPE and HEALTH. And if you don’t believe me, see the following quote offered by Jamie Garza, MD.

“We as physicians at some point want to say we’re not going to do surgery anymore because now we can fix that problem non-surgically,” Garza asserted. “It’s really about patient safety, patient care. And giving somebody some hope for the future.”

I love this quote, because HOPE isn’t a pie in the sky kind of word. It is faith, it is intangible but real none the less. And so are the results stem cells offer. If you have any questions join us for one of our community dinners. We would love to answer your questions and share the power of what stem cells can do. Our next dinner is December 6th at 6 pm at the Ozzie Smith Center. We might even serve some PIE!