Skip Hamby – “After my stroke, everyone else had given up on me.”

In February 2014, Skip Hamby had a massive stroke while vacationing in Lake of the Ozarks. “I was shopping and according to bystanders, I hit the floor and paramedics were called immediately.  The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital 8 days later.”

The stroke left Skip confined to a wheelchair with life-altering injuries.  He had left side neglect and could not use his entire left side from his shoulder to his toes.   Skip began several years of physical therapy at different facilities, each one telling him, “you have plateaued, there is nothing more we can do for you.”  He was devastated but would not give up hope. (Click here to watch Skip’s video of recovery).

Skip and his wife Kathy heard about the potential of using stem cells for stroke on the internet and called a clinic on the west coast to find out more. “They sounded so shady,” said Kathy.  “They wanted a lot of money for just one treatment and the follow up was only by phone.”  So, they put it on the back burner.

As time went by, Skip became more discouraged.  He felt the physical therapists didn’t want to spend time with him and he heard time and again he “wasn’t improving.” No one was paying attention to his left arm and hand that he could not move.  He had given up trying to walk and every time he left physical therapy he faced the fact that they had given up on him. 

A breakthrough was about to happen!  Skip’s brother had started treatment at IMAC Regeneration Center in Paducah, KY for his knees.  He was receiving platelet-rich-plasma injections to regenerate cartilage tissue and had spoken to the doctor about the stem cell treatments available at the clinic.  He called Skip right away to let him know they had an IMAC clinic in St. Louis – the Ozzie Smith IMAC Center – and were successfully treating stroke victims with stem cell therapy. 

Skip had his first stem cell treatment at Ozzie Smith IMAC Center in September 2016 and began a customized physical therapy program at the clinic right away.  He has gone from being confined to a wheelchair without use of his left side, to being able to walk with a cane and move his arm.  He has regained use of the muscles in his left ankle and is able to put weight on his left leg and climb stairs. 

Skip and Kathy feel his recovery is remarkable.  “It has to be the stem cells in combination with the customized physical therapy. Going from a wheelchair to walking again and using my left arm is a dream come true.”

Sandy Miller, lead physical therapist at Ozzie Smith Center, is one significant reason behind Skip’s incredible recovery. Sandy helped design his treatment protocol including the autologous stem cell transplantation and physical therapy to stimulate new cell growth and neuromuscular regeneration.  After years of working in physical therapy without the addition of stem cells, Sandy is amazed at what the combination can achieve. ” You don’t see these types of results in stroke patients two years later. He literally is walking on his own and starting to move his left arm.  Prior to stem cells, Skip had never actively moved his arm on his own. At Ozzie Smith Center, we never give up hope of patients seeing results like this.”  

If you know anyone suffering with injuries from a stroke, Ozzie Smith IMAC Regeneration Center may be able to help.  Please call 314-200-4955 to set up an appointment for an evaluation or email [email protected] for more information.  You may also visit our website at